28 January 2006

Citius, Altius, Fortius

I've always kinda missed the trends. Cabbage Patch Kids... a few years late. Acid washed jeans... only after Ashley donated hers to the hand-me-down pile. The Knitting Olymics... took me a few days of pondering to sign up.

But c'mon, it's a frickin' phenomenon out there. At last count 1800+ knitters were planning to be "Faster, Higher, Stronger" for 16 days. And if 1800 knitters are doing it, you know I've got to too.
So on February 10th I will be joining the international movement of casting on a project to be completed before the 26th.

I know, I'm choking too at the thought of actually finishing a project.

I'm trying to convince myself that this will be easier than the finish line of the Turkey Trot since I get to sit on my ass for it, but right now, that finish line is pretty darn far away.

My event, you ask? Socks... for mom. See, not only do I have the pressure of finishing the Knitting Olympics but they're for my mother. I think if you don't finish projects for mom that's pretty much akin to signing yourself up for the 10th circle of hell. Of course, considering my rate of non-finishing for mom, I'm already down there at about the 3rd circle... me and my cross stitch carousel horse project.

But as all the training guides say, competing is mostly about mental preparation, knowing you will cross that finish line before you even start. So here's to positive thinking... and lots of coffee while I knit. Or maybe since I'm doing these the Magic Loop way, I'll magically finish? I'm reaching, I know. Andy, want to send some of that magic coffee for my training efforts?

I guess what got me to really be interested is the simple fact of numbers. It absolutely fascinates me that this incredibly talented and hilarious woman just over the river there in Toronto (The Yarn Harlot... for all you non-knitters, she's famous, a celebrity knitter... and her blog is generally the best thing I read every day... she could take on Dickens, really) can put out an idea and get thousands of people to do the same thing at the same time. Add that to the conscientious objectors, the declared "cheerleaders" who don't want to tackle a short-term project but support the idea, and you've got a huge population of people with pointy sticks thinking about the same idea. And of course don't forget the people designing buttons, planning parties for the Opening Ceremonies/Cast On, and creating Team groups... Talk about a "meme"...

The idea of the project is to choose a personal challenge and give it your best go. There are knitters out there doing insanely complex sweaters and lace projects... and then there are people doing simple garter stitch scarves. I suppose socks aren't really in the high end of the knitting world, but I haven't ever completed a pair and the single sock I've finished has a toe that's bigger than the foot so let's not consider that any previous experience. For me, it will simply be a challenge to get in any knitting time in February. Between teaching, prepping for the March conferences, working at engineering, and trying to write (and maybe socializing every now and then), I'm pretty much maxed out. So maybe I'll try and lecture while I knit. Or maybe I can stop doing laundry and cleaning to get in a few extra minutes. Oh wait, I do that now.

We do get to "train" before the event though with swatching so I'm also consider training to be getting my house and work in order to prepare for those ass-sitting hours. Best get to work!

Mom, the socks are coming!

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Lone Knitter said...

Hi, Leslie. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I would love to be your training partner for the Knitting Olympics. I'll send you an email with some magic loop stuff I found on the web. I'm sure you already have it, but just in case. And the dress is actually from this boutique in Brooklyn that people call the "cheap Anthropologie."