01 January 2006

Lists, Lists, Lists

While waiting for my parents' trusty dial-up connection, I managed to come up with a list of 24 quilt projects in various states of marinating in the stash. This doesn't count the isolated pieces of fabric that still need a quilt home. Um, I think I may have a problem...

And knitting projects on the "to do" list... yeah, let's not go there.

I hope it's a good sign in my recovery that I just spent three hours cleaning out my old bedroom, throwing away crafty crap from years of rummage sale "I can make something out of that" epiphanies. I'm pretty sure I don't need cheapo fake violets leftover from a few too many sorority crafty sessions nor will I ever invest the time and energy in melting down old candles from my grandmother's in order to make new plain, red candles. Hello, my name is Leslie, and I have a serious, serious crafty crap addiction.

But here we are, the first day of 2006 and it's time to bust out a few crafty girl resolutions.

1. No new yarn!!! Girls, I'm seriously having problems here but I managed to resist the urge to take a last minute drive to Columbia yesterday to get one more hit. I have been finishing up a few knitting items but there's a very big stash that needs to see my flying fingers before I get to make any new purchases.

2. No new fabric!!! Okay, this one won't start until after quilt camp next weekend. A girl can only be so strong and there's absolutely no way I'm going to hit the Mexico shops and the Hickory Stick and come out empty handed. I mean, c'mon, that's just talking nonsense. But I promise to do my best to be good with my final stash enhancing outing.

3. I will not start new projects without finishing some of the old.

4. I will clean out at least one item a day. I've already started this one with my daily (or when I blog) posts about attacking an area of cleaning and organization. Now to just keep it up. I'm pretty sure I get bonus points for today's labor. Why, oh why was I saving old calendar pages from the early 90s? As if there would never be another music instruments or Precious Moments calendar to frame? And if you need any cross stitch fabric, I can get you a good deal on a bunch of it, complete with patterns from 1987. Yes, I kept the cross stitch supplies. I just couldn't give it the last push. I'm strong, but not that strong.

5. I will blog every day. Don't expect much by way of excitement and most likely this will take the blog away from crafty progress, but I'll try a little harder to have something to report. Expect many posts that say this: read, wrote, books are boring.

There are the usual resolutions of eating better, cooking at home more, exercising, yadda yadda, but what fun are those? Oh yeah, and then that whole diss project, but again, YAAAAAWN.

For the record, here are the quilts. Hopefully after quilt camp I'll be able to update this and move a few into the finished column.

1. Martini Turning Twenty - needs to go to quilter
2. Purple and white stack & whack - needs back and to go to quilter
3. Amy Butler tropicals - needs border, back
4. Can Can Girls
5. Blue and White antique blocks
6. Brown and blue geometric turning twenty
7. umbrella rag quilt
8. red and blue Asian print flannels - Irish Chain pattern
9. Pinks and greens flannel - Three Bean Salad pattern
10. tall oak batisk
11. Christmas shopping ladies - Snowball pattern
12. Santa table runner - paper piecing
13. Brown and pink paper piecing
14. Purple and gold stack and whack
15. Denim USA quilt
16. Denim cars quilt
17. Violet printed fabric - possibly something with old hankies
18. flip flop quilt
19. Marcy fabric quilt - pattern in Jan Fons & Porter's
20. JoAnn's Block of the month
21. Bug jar
22. Turning twenty solids with silver thread
23. Turning twenty solids with gold thread - I think this one is cut out.
24. Holiday stack and whack

If that isn't a display of mental illness, I don't know what is.

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