25 January 2006

I'm Gonna Wash that Stress...

Right outta my hair... Yeah, right!

I'm in the middle of teaching Robinson Crusoe and feeling a wee bit frantic, sorta as if I'm a lonely soul in the midst of a sea of chaos and the only boat of salvation within sight is full of dead people... dead English authors to be specific. It's a good thing I knit so I won't have to dress in goat skins. Although, considering the rate of my knitting, I'm not going to do so well with half a scarf produced every six months or so. Any cute goats out there?*

And shoot, just to make it exciting, let's throw in a publishing project due yesterday, a dissertation due years ago, and a weekend with two dates to keep it lively. No, I'm not going to tell you about the two dates so don't even ask, Mom.

But in the interest of keeping track of knitting I have actually completed, thought I'd share my attempt at an artsy shot. Can you do an artsy shot of kitchen cotton in garter stitch? We'll call it primitive artsy. Or maybe we'll just say it's my attempt to clean up my act... hardy har har.

Pattern: Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth
Yarn: Sugar'n Cream Kitchen Cotton
Needles: Sz 8 straight aluminums
Recipients: The Girls - Group Gift!
Date Started: December 2005-January 2006
Notes: Does it get any more old school knittin' than this? As back to basics as they come. Not exactly yummy for the fingers, but functional and easy to do while watching movies on the couch. And besides, it used up my stash of kitchen cotton! One stash down, 482 to go.

*For those of you thinking back to our goat-related discussion at the last knitting night, um no, Mr. Crusoe only skinned 'em and wore 'em. The other stuff is in a whole other novel that I am not teaching to undergrads!

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