21 June 2005

Mean Old Knitters

Just a short little post as I don't have much exciting news to share. Should we be excited or disgusted that the new version of mean Ruth on SFU was knitting last night? First of all, what ugly thing was she knitting? Second, did she make the bad sweater she was wearing? Out of cheap, brown yarn? Is knitting going to be forever associated with grouchy women with ignore their (crazy) husbands and use the needles as weapons?

It was a rather odd moment to be sitting there knitting and cross stitching with the girls while watching what we all hope to never be... the crazy old woman with an ugly scarf.

Overall, a productive Monday with some work, some writing, and a good workout that was made obsolete with Shelby's amaaaaaaazing cookies. Who knew peanut butter chocolate chip cookies could be so heavenly?

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