23 June 2005

And the Mighty Marmosets are back...

After a rather difficult loss last week, the Mighty Marmosets have again found their softball groove and posted two more to the win column. I basically did my job by not injuring myself or others. Success for all!

Leaving on a jet plane at approximately o'dark thirty and alas, not a stitch of clothing is packed. Quilt fabric... check... Knitting... check... Oh, wait, I should bring underwear? Hmmm... must wash some then. Oh heck, I'm going to visit the 'rents, I'll just pack dirties and wash when I get there. Makes me feel youthful to do this, as in, I'm still a wild and carefree college kid instead of a poor, miserable graduate student who can't seem to get out of college... ever.

Anyway, there will be posts of Missouri in all her grandeur. Or there will be posts about me melting away in the Missouri summer heat. Not looking forward to reaquainting myself with the phrase, "with the humidity, it's about hot as blazing hell." Can't I bring some Buffalo snow along, just in case?

Since I theoretically made this a crafty blog, thought I'd post some knitting pics before I cleared them off my camera. I'm still working on the arty "look at my artsy knitting" pics. These are pretty basic, but at least it will help me remember how I spent my youth. Yes, you can laugh at me spending my youth knitting... pathetic, so pathetic.

This is Pascha the penguin, done for Nels' first birthday. Cute, eh? And you should see Nels! Anyway, the pattern is at Knitty, the hipster site where all the cool kids play. I tackled this bad boy using stash yarn, which gets me points, right? It's all acrylic all the way so ready to be tossed in the washer (with orange crayons). My first of many knitted toys I do believe.

This would be a crochet cloche that I made for a lady at work. I'll have to find the pattern. It was online somewhere and I believe I cobbled together a separate pattern for the flower. This was also stash yarn, sportweight, and rather soft. I tried to look at suitable hats for cancer patients and pick something lightweight for summer but soft enough for sensitive skin. It was fairly easy, but I'm not great with crochet. I think my gauge was nowhere near what it should've been. Nonetheless, it was a hat.

That's all for now, folks. Have to find a way to keep my stinky socks from setting off alarms at security. Or maybe I'll just hit Target so I have clean ones to bring along.

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Anonymous said...

Les--Just a quick question--is this the activity you have chosen for your "Avoidance" or just plain "Denial" that you have a paper to write. Write the damn thing--it doesn't have to be perfect--just write it and move on!!!!!!! It will be wonderful, and you will be amazed at the burden lifted and the doors opened. Toss the cement block and write!!! Your writing is amazing--your talents huge--now is the time! I love you and am soooo proud of you. Dana