12 June 2005

Coming Clean to my Fellow Addicts

Okay, since we all know that 30 different dish patterns isn't enough, I had to go out and scour the streets looking for some little thing to hold my peanut butter sandwich. I mean, really, I was eating off paper towels. (And if you believe that one...)

Really, I just caved. I fell off the wagon. I was being so strong and then I lost my sponsor's number, crawled into a dark alley, hid my face from the light of day, and bought another set of dishes, all the while thinking "Screw 12 step. I want a new creamer and sugar set." Can I justify by telling you that they're from our best friend Homer? I've liked them for a long time?

Who am I kidding? They were $30 for the entire set. Do I need to tell you more? You know you'd all do exactly the same thing so I don't want any lip from any of you. (Those of you that helped me move the last time may be justified in giving me lip, but we're going to wipe that awful day from our memories for the time being.)

They may be heavier than fat quarters, but they're my weakness. Or one weakness... We won't talk about yarn or new shoes or the infamous tote bags...

Anyway, these are my latest find. And yes, I really got them at Goodwill. Don't you want to come to Buffalo again to hit the thrift stores?

Just so you can all see the pattern if you need inspiration for future dish hunting (hint, hint... look for big plates) Posted by Hello


dale said...

the nut doesnt fall from the tree her mother has 15 or 16 different sets of dishes and 18 different colors of fiesta. i also won the fat quarter trophy on the latest shop hop and no a fat quarter is not a body part. like you site!!!!

Erica said...

Leslie!!!! What's a fat quarter????