23 August 2006

Vacation is Hard Work

Another fast and furious trip to visit the fam has left me completely exhausted. Aren't you supposed to come home from traveling with recharged batteries? My batteries aren't just kaput, they're leaking some nasty battery acid down the back of my throat. I'm not sure which lovely clan member gave me this sore throat/cold bug, but I'll be sure to save some germs for retaliation at Christmas.

In my little blog hiatus there were quilts finished, socks knit and a great secret pal present received. So much to post about, but that (like my laundry, answering phone messages and dumping out the moldy science projects in the fridge) will have to have to wait until I've recovered from vacation.

Christina, if you're reading this, you totally surprised me. I had someone else on the list picked out as my spoiler. I think I've already got plans for the yarn you sent... I've been reading knitting books in bed today since I can't seem to manage much else. A present-worthy post to come tomorrow. Thanks!


redheadskydiver said...

Surprise! Hope you liked everything I sent and hope we can stay in touch even though SP8 is coming to an end. I've had a lot of fun spoiling you and reading your blog! Christina

Lone Knitter said...

Leslie! Glad you're back. I am always always exhausted after visiting the family--so many emotions, so many errands, so many chores, so many dinners, so many hugs, so little time! It's like being a kid and adult at once. That's hard work.