14 January 2008


1. During my mini-hiatus after Chicago, I finished two denim and flannel quilts. I started these quilts five years ago and promised one to my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. I believe the card where I wrote this promise has since yellowed with age. This is the reason for another year of avoiding new purchases to finish the old, as if that will work.

2. I am finished with Lady Eleanor save for knotting the fringe. Lovely project but I fear looking like a jester gypsy while wearing it. I think I should have gone for a little subtlety in my color selection. I think it's a bad thing when The Boy asks if you're actually going to wear it in public or just drape it over a chair. I'm pretty sure he was hoping the answer involved the chair.

3. I'm at a little loss for where to go next in the knitting. I finished a gift knit for a friend and would like to make more for the gifting stash, but they're not exactly thrilling projects. Oh, and I'm really selfish and want to make something for me.

Pattern: Cupcake Dishcloth
Yarn: Cotton-Ease and button from stash
Needles: Sz. 10s
Notes: I added the bottom backwards. I like the stitch definition this shows, but prefer the look of the original pattern. I used Ravelry mods for the ruffle: knitting in the front and back twice rather than crocheting. It could be a bigger ruffle but I like the small size in fitting with the small cloth. I think this is just the size for dish washing as regular dish rags always seem too droopy when I try to use them.

4. Considering the above observations, it probably wouldn't take too much thought to figure out why I have such a difficult time finishing projects and getting gifts sent out in a timely fashion. But will I go work on more cupcakes? Yeah, we all know better than that.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say that "the boy" does not know what he is talking about. I think the Lady Eleanor is BEAUTIFUL, and that you should revel in your jester-gypsydom--which by the way, I also don't think is a completely fair-assesment. It depends on who wears it. On ME--that might be right--on YOU, not so much. anyway, i'm just breaking because I am trying to do something that doesn't impede my sanity.