17 January 2008

I Am Not...

... a spinner.

Our January knitting guild meeting encouraged us to start the new year by trying something new. A very talented spinner brought in bundles of fleece and spindles and let us give it a go.

I didn't really give it a go so much as let the stupid thing dangle pathetically in the air while staring with awe at those who were making yarn.

And I'm okay with that.

I've been resistant to the spinning trend which is kinda a small victory for me. I've always been one to jump right in and try the latest and greatest thing. As a youngster, I had to make my mom drive me to Girl Scouts and music lessons and sports camps. With every new club or hobby, came new "stuff," new equipment, new outfits, new guidebooks and trinkets. We even bought a calf because I was determined to do 4-H and lead the thing around a pen. I'm pretty sure that attempt eventually turned into hamburger.

Since I've been trying to curb my crafty expenditures to give myself room, space and the financial means to actually finish projects that I've already purchased, I didn't want to start buying spindles which would turn into wheels and fleece which would turn into more fleece and never, ever turn into yarn or even more unlikely, usable objects. I get how spinning could be quite pleasurable and even replace knitting and crocheting as a meditative, relaxing habit. I just didn't want to pick up something new with so much already on my plate. You've got to save a few new frontiers for the nursing home, right?

I suppose you could also say that I went in with a bad attitude which usurped any possibility of enjoying spinning. Probably true. I'm trying to think of it as being judicious with my crafty resources. I'll add spinning after I finish off the paper making, card printing, latchhooking, paper piecing, scrapbooking, beading, embroidery, quilting, needlepoint and needle felting projects already living in my craft room. Oh, and after the fabric and yarn stashes are down to a reasonable level. Yeah, don't be holding your breath waiting for handspun yarn for a long, long time.

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Redheadskydiver said...

I understand the feeling. I have 4 spindles and haven't touched one in almost 6 months. Too much to do, to little time.