03 September 2007

September Socks

I'm so excited to kick off a new month with some finished objects! (Yeah, let's forget the fact that my end of August post was actually in September... details schmetails...)

Needles: Addi Sz 1

Dates: Summer 2007

Recipient: me, me, me
Notes: I generally followed the pattern as written. Changes included casting on 16 (8 stitches per needle) and increasing in every round for the toes. This makes a fairly square toe which is comfortable but a little baggy. In the future, I'll probably stick to my usual method of increasing every round until there are 32 stitches and then every other round until there are 64.

I'm also not sure I need 64 stitches. These feel a bit loose for now but they haven't been worn and washed yet. Same thing on the length, could be a row or two shorter but I went with the measurements in the pattern.

I had a nice quantity of yarn leftover even after making generous sz 9 socks so if you're looking for mid-calf, you can probably do it with just one skein of yarn. The base yarn is very soft and easy to work with. I have a barely perceptible halo after throwing these in the bag for months so it may not suit if you want a really crisp look but I think stitch definition would show up nicely. I was interested in showing off the color so I went with plain stockinette. My gauge was an ever so tiny bit different when I started which accounts for some of the difference in the color pooling. Personally, I love the way the colors pool a bit. It's much less noticeable in person if you're someone who is bothered by that.

These are definitely going to be 'go-to' socks for fall! Can't wait to empty out some more room in the stash for more of Jenny's goodies.

Pattern: Spindle Socks

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Needles: Knitpicks Sz 2

Dates: Fall 2006 - Summer 2007

Recipient: MomMom (that would be grandmother for most people, or Ms. Eleanor if you're nasty...)

Notes: I love these socks. This is my second time with this pattern and most likely, not my last. It's easy but interesting, fast but gives great results. I like the 6-row repeat which makes you want to do just one more repeat before putting them down, ultimately leading to a pair of socks faster. Granted, these weren't exactly a fast knit in my calendar, but I didn't work on these very regularly as I had to stop several times and wait on a trip to Missouri for measurement purposes. They were a gift and I seem to be cursed with the complete inability to get a gift finished on time. It's a curse, I tell ya, and not my fault at all!

This isn't known as sock yarn but by golly, it should be. Well, except for the fact that I think it will pill like nobody's business and probably won't hold up to actually wear inside of shoes. Yeah, whatever, like that's important...

As they are on the thick side, for my grandmother at least, I'm telling her to consider them socks for cuddling on the couch during the winter. Doesn't everyone need cashmere (blend) socks to wear while they embroider during boring TV shows?


Lone Knitter said...

Wow! Two sets of finished socks??? You're amazing. I have a longish email in the works for you. Sometimes it takes me days to compose an email between dissertation stuff and dyeing. (Plus, my brain feels like mush these days...not quite out of the swing of lazy summer days.) Thanks so much for knitting up my yarn! Your Kelp Seahorse socks are cute. I'm thinking of making Monkeys with that colorway or something for Manly. Mmmm...cashmere socks. Lovely. I'm sure your mother will love them.

Redheadskydiver said...

Both are very pretty socks!