09 September 2007

The Scarf That Just Won't Die

Scene: Local knitting guild meeting, first gathering after a summer off.

Enter Leslie, late as ever, rushing to get to her seat before the meeting starts, thankful that Hipster Knitter saved her a seat.

Hipster Knitter: So, I'm starting to plan my Christmas knitting for friends. I'm thinking scarves. So, um,... would you recommend... the pattern that you've been, um,... working on?

Leslie: You mean this one, the chevron scarf that I've been knitting on since MARCH?!?! Guess it depends if we're talking this Christmas or holiday season 2012.

Hipster Knitter: Well, yeah, I've noticed that you've been working on that scarf at lots of meetings.... [trying to save face and make a slow knitter feel better] But it's pretty.

Still chugging away on the scarf that's taking for freakin' ever. It's pretty, but wow am I ready for it to be finished.

* Breaking news edit: This post was started earlier in the weekend. Thankfully, a strong case of insomnia has since allowed me ample wee morning hours to finish this albatross. I'm hoping to block, model and post soon so it's really, really finished!


Redheadskydiver said...

I got to about 10 inches on my Chevron scarf and have stalled out on it myself. I so understand!

Lone Knitter said...

Wow! Your chevron scarf is beautiful. You know, I was thinking of blocking mine too, but was unsure if folks were blocking them. I think it needs blocking--at least mine does. Congrats on finishing!