17 April 2006

Consumer Report Numero Uno

Thanks for the comments on my little kooky project. I just wanted to say first that in no way do I intend for this to be a criticism of shopping in general or yarn buying specifically. Buy on, ladies, buy on. Hey, I gotta get my yarn porn somewhere and since all is quiet on this front, I’m dependent on voyeurism for my kicks. And shopping, it’s an art form, a sport, a passion, a hobby, and if you do it well, an aerobic activity. I really don’t mean to curtail my shopping habits with this experiment, just be conscious of them. Granted, I’ve already felt guilt about today’s shopping, but I want to understand that guilt, not just prevent it by giving up all forms of consumerism.

So, without further adieu, the first two days…

16 April: Nothing spent… An entire day with Pride and Prejudice and knitting. Yes, you can be jealous if you want to. Jane Austen is yummy, that is, until you stop and ask yourself how likely it is that smart girls will be rescued by Mr. Darcy. And is it just me, or does dear Elizabeth go strangely mute once she actually realizes she’s in love? But I bet she could have all the yarn she wants when she moves to Pemberley! Ah, to be a kept woman… even if it does mean keeping your mouth shut…

17 April: The Grocery Getting: $80.84

Seems an awful lot to spend on sustenance for a single gal… but, of that $24.88 was for non-food items, things like shampoo and medicine, things that all seem to run out at the same time. Of that, $6.99 went to a quilting magazine, completely unnecessary but a nice little treat.

As to the groceries, well, the cupboard was bare so there was stocking up on granola bars and such, and as granola bars generally make up the vast majority of mealtimes around these parts, there were lots of granola bars to be stashed. And coffee… I dare not run out of coffee for fear of what might happen to the world around a non-caffeinated Leslie.

So why the guilt? Over a quilting magazine? And a really cute magazine at that… with projects I may actually make someday… I suppose it has to do with knowing that I have quilt books with cute projects waiting to be made, fabric waiting to be cut, etc. But $7 for a cheap thrill and nighttime reading, pretty cost-effective all in all.

And finally, some knitting…Lara progresses. I’m almost to the point of dividing for the front and back. Great mindless knitting… Pics tomorrow, hopefully. On the knitting front, I do have to give Lone Knitter a completely hard time for being silly. You knit gorgeous socks, a sweater would be easy-peasy! Granted, you may have to make time in your supergirl schedule for a sweater, but summer’s coming, right?

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Lone Knitter said...

As a great professor of mine would remind me, whenever I wanted to ween myself from caffiene, "There is no creation without caffiene!" Maybe summer would be a good time for me to start a sweater--it may get done in time for winter. p.s. I love your spring flowers.