17 December 2005

When Will I Cave?

So I think one of the requirements for being a true knitting blog is having a contest, so here you go... MY FIRST EVER BLOG CONTEST!!!

And you're invited to play!

Since you all know of my tremendous ability to purchase yarn and my lack of will power in refusing to exercise this talent whenever given the opportunity, I'm asking you to submit your guesses for when I'll cave on my resolution for NO YARN IN 2006. I know, you can have a minute to control your snickering at that statement.

But the stash is full and the needles have too many projects. So, desperate times call for desperate measures. And it's not like I don't have enough projects to keep me busy until at least 2027, not just 2007!

So submit a guess in the comment section as to when I'll cave in and buy new yarn. I'm going to take guesses until 5 January 2006. I do have one caveat though... since every rule has to have at least one exception.

I can buy new yarn to finish a project if I run out of supplies. I cannot, however, buy new yarn to make a new pattern that I come across. The project has to be already started or one that I have already purchased at least some of the materials for.

How long will I last? (You know I'm totally considering major yarn shopping before 1 January just to be sure I make it!) Whoever is closest to my date of surrender to the yarn sirens will get a prize... probably knitting related. (Don't worry, Maya, it won't be yarn for you to knit with, but most likely something I've knit.)

And in case you were wondering about our NYC adventures, yes, I bought yarn. Pics later.


Maya said...

January 11th or sooner...sorry, Leslie, I'm not sure you can do it...but here's hoping I'm wrong and you have a yarn-buying free 2006...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm. I see that you've found the yarn shop in the basement in Qcy, which is the one I've been wanting to take you to 'visit'. And you're going to be near Qcy first weekend in January, but I think you'll be able to resist a bit longer than that. My guess is March 15, beware the Ides of March!
See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Leslie you can be very determinded if you want but then again you will be gone some weekends in February so I guess the 18th of February. Or I could be really mean and take you to the yarn shop we found in Columbia before you ever get back to Buffalo and say January 8. Mom

Anonymous said...

Leslie, Leslie, Leslie: I woud fear I might be to late to guess at this point, but I have communicated with the Graff household several times and no mention of the purchase of new yarn. I will, in that case, put my official guess date at January 5. That is going to be a tough date for a yarn addict. Too many stops between home and Kinderhook. Too much temptation! ARRRGGGHHH Just get it over with! You are amongst other fellow addicts now, so no condemnation from me!!! See ya Thursday and will want the full story of the trip to Kinderhook. Sue Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that holidays inspire knitting projects, so i'm guessing Feb.10th, around Valentine's.

Rachel said...

hum...personally, I think the urge may hit when we're at that point in Buffalo where spring is happening everywhere else but not here...things are gray and drab, and you yearn to dabble with vibrant spring colors, and an equally vibrant spring wardrobe...So I'm going to say March...er...let's say March 1st.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Leslie, your "friends" and family don't seem to have much faith in your resolution! I think you might be able to pull it off--until the fiber festivals begin. Or should they not count... OK. So if the fiber festivals don't count, you can make it... well ... then there are those knitting dinner parties and classes I want to drag you to .. so do they count? But you knit a lot... I just can't work it all out. I don't think I could last 6 months and you're worse off then me, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt here--much more than your other so-called friends are giving you(!)--and say September, October at the outside. I've seen you abstain, even when others were making large, lovely purchases, so I think you could have 9-10 months. Why wait a whole year for god's sake!

All my love ;) Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

My guess is sometime in June. Nothing inspires more self-abandon than birthdays. Get back to Buffalo soon. I miss you.