20 December 2005

Is Christmas Over Yet?

Bah humbug! All you merry revellers out there, beware. This knitter has a serious case of the Scrooges. And it's not as if I'm busting my fingers trying to get gifts finished by the big day or anything. My family knows me better than to actually expect gifts under the tree. (How many years has it been since I promised you that denim quilt, Sarah?)

But I'd like to know what fella decided to schedule Christmas and the end of the term at the same time? I know it had to be a man with a wifey at home to take care of wrapping the pressies, trimming the tree and turning down umpteen holiday invites who decided it would be a fine idea to schedule the biggest holiday ever and the biggest pain in the butt for an academic at the same darn time. And then the moron added snow into the mix! As if we needed that! I'm not even teaching this term and I'm more than ready to trade in the red editing pen for a nice bottle of red wine.

Yet I have actually finished a project. Shocking to be sure.

Grandma's Christmas Afghan
Ocean Breeze from "Afghans to Crochet in Just One Day"
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, 6 skeins, mix of purple and pinks
Dates: 16-18 December
Recipient: Grandma
Notes: Nasty, nasty yarn! I have a faithful afghan of this stuff that I've tossed in the washer on a frequent basis and still am not too ashamed to keep it on the couch, so I thought it would be a great idea to whip out another. Um, not such a great idea. This stuff is horrible. Unfortunately I still have a few skeins of it in the stash to use (or give away). The pattern was pretty easy, but I'm just not that much of a crocheter. I changed the last round to make it easier but even then was pretty sick of this by the time I finished. Good thing this wasn't a pattern to crochet in just one week because then it would've taken me a year and I would have been even grumpier.

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