03 May 2008

The Shawl that Broke my Elbow

Pattern: Zetor Shawl (found via Ravelry)

Yarn: 2/6 Merino 100% Wool, Made in Canada; 380 yds/skein – 2 skeins; purchased at Kitchener – Waterloo Fiber Festival, Fall 2006

Needles: Sz 4 Addi Lace

Notes: This was one of those projects of obsession from start to finish. For some reason, the lavender yarn was calling out to me this spring and it really, really wanted to be something lace... right! now! I went on a Ravelry hunt, found about 12 patterns I just have to knit someday, and finally stumbled on this shawl. My only modification was to knit only 8 repeats instead of 9. I don’t really blame the shawl for breaking my elbow, rather my obsessive desire to finish this as soon as possible paired with a big batch of rebellion against work I should’ve been doing. Add in a Law & Order SVU season I hadn’t seen and *poof* broken elbow.

I really enjoy having lace out of a heavier yarn. It doesn’t feel so “precious” and delicate, yet is very, very warm. When not serving as a complement to my decorative schemes, this has already been a good shawl to toss over my shoulders while reading or wear as a scarf under a jacket.

Thumbs up for mystery yarn and Ravelry pattern hunting!

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FairyGodKnitter said...

Very pretty shawl. I'm glad that you'll be hanging around for a while (I like to think I'll just come across you knitting somewhere around town and immediately know you) but I'm sorry to hear about the elbow. I had carpal tunnel issues years ago and couldn't believe how much it hurt.
Feel better