17 December 2007

Snowed In

Well, it looks like the weather folks were right. We got the white stuff. A lot of the white stuff.

Yesterday wasn’t bad. In the morning people were out and about, trying to shovel every few inches, attempting to stay ahead of the clouds. By afternoon, the skies had darkened and the winds picked up, making shoveling a fruitless endeavor.

I elected to stay safely and warmly protected with a novel, my laptop and a stack of quilts. Sometimes having to work all day isn’t such a bad thing at all.

I intended to be off to the library today but I elected to postpone for another day. Those old newspapers aren't going anywhere and I certainly have enough reading to do here.

Our blanket of snow served well as a backdrop for my latest finished objects.

Pattern: Le Slouch and a simple seed stitch scarf

Yarn: Mystery yarn - 2 skeins of black and 1 skein of variegated, I think this came from the $1 at A.C. Moore. Whatever it was, it was decent stuff with at least some wool content.

Needles: Addis Sz 8

Notes: I'm happy with the project (aside from the ends that I still need to weave in). I followed the hat pattern and started decreasing at 6", probably should've given it 7 or 7.5" as it's just not really slouchy enough. But for a first hat in the renewed perfect hat quest, I'm pleased and will get much wear out of this.

The scarf was one of those improved kind of things where I decided to finish up the black yarn, then use the skein of variegated on both ends. It made a short scarf, or at least shorter than I usually wear so I may add a bright button if I (a) can find one in my stash and (2) can muster the energy to sew it on.

Yes, I do believe I must go to the library tomorrow. Excessive hot chocolate consumption seems to have dulled my brain. Perhaps I shall look for red buttons to spruce up my new set in honor of my newspaper research, you know, being black, white and red/read all over.

And with that joke, I will pack my bags to definitely head to the library tomorrow. I think some human interaction might be a good thing before I spiral down into knock-knock jokes.

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Redheadskydiver said...

I like the varigation on the scarf! Have fun in the snow!