04 July 2007

How I Spent my Summer Vacation Contest

Not only was June my birthday month, but it also was my second blogiversary! In typical fashion, I think it’s time to celebrate these events and ignore the fact that I’m late to the party, even my own party.

I wanted to put something together to reflect the way I’ve been spending my summer without making this too stressful on anyone. Stress and summer just don’t get along, do they? (We’ll ignore my previous post where I confessed to be a stress ball 24-7…)

So the contest is simple. I have four prizes that I’ll be compiling this month. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. You get an entry for every comment left between now and Wednesday, 25 July so come back often and visit my little corner o’ the internet. (My side of this bargain is to do my darndest to blog every day between now and then. I miss writing here when I go into hermit mode.)

What you want to know… the prizes…

I’ll be putting together packages around four themes. The contents will be determined somewhat by what I find in my shopping expeditions between now and the end of July and somewhat by what I think the winners would enjoy. Pics to come every now and then for inspiration.

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Wreadin’ and Rightun’: You just can’t escape the book learnin’, even in the summertime. This prize will be the fun kind of book love and will include things like a pretty journal, some new pens, tea or coffee treats and a book I think the winner will enjoy. Don’t worry, I won’t give you Dickens unless you’re a sick and twisted individual like myself who likes big, fat books about misery and absurdity.

Craft Time: Didn’t you just love craft time at camp? Bring on the popsicle sticks, baby! Don’t worry, we’ve evolved and this prize will reflect the winner’s interests. Expect a handmade goodie or two and of course, supplies for your crafting hour (or seven).

Come on Baby, Work Your Body: Although I’m certainly not training as hard as some of you nuts (who are totally inspiring to me as I read your blogs and sip my latte in the air conditioning), I am trying to get out and about this summer. You won’t have to do sit-ups to earn this prize, but it will give your inner Jane Fonda a treat or two. There will be goodies for everyone, even if you prefer your exercise routine to focus on walking between the sewing machine and the ironing board.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane: This summer I’m lucky enough to see our lovely country from sea to shining sea. For a Midwestern girl, any ocean sighting is a big deal, but two in a few months is pretty gosh darn exciting. This prize is still in the formulation stage, kinda like a summer vacation where you know where you’re going but have absolutely no idea what you’ll find when you get there. Possibilities include a gift from my upcoming travels to the Pacific, general travel supplies for your own journey, or a virtual vacation to my home turf by way of treats from Buffalo. Don’t worry, vegetarians, I won’t try to ship you any of our famous wings as personally, I can’t stand the nasty little buggers.

So, to kick things off, say “hi” and let me know how you’re spending your summer. Any goals or big projects? Exciting trips? Fun reads for the beach or pool?


Redheadskydiver said...

What a neat idea for a contest and the prizes sound divine! I just posted on my blog about my little vacation on a houseboat in Tennessee. Other than that plans include skydiving more often and working more than I would like to. DH and I have also been saving up for some new motorcycles but not sure when that may happen.

Anonymous said...

Great idea as I never comment but this inspired me. Everyday is a vacation for me as I'm retired and enjoy reading some blogs. I also read. Right now Knit Fast, Die Young by Mary Kruger. I also have a knitting project going. I am knitting Christmas Stockings from Nicky's Knitted Christmas Stockings by Nicky Epstein. In two weeks we will be going camping with our granddaughter. Also planned are trips to baseball game. Ya! Tigers. And a trip to the Smokey Mts.