14 June 2007

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

... or perhaps I should say that it's 5 o'clock everywhere, at least for the next four days. There will be beach and sun and knitting and trashy magazines and junk food and drinks involving vodka. Oh yeah, and a wedding...

There won't be modeling of a finished shawl. Changed my dress plans and came to my senses about the actual time needed to complete each of those charts. I figured since I was really enjoying the process, no need to rush through it at the end just to make a self-imposed deadline. I'll do modeling shots on the "beach" at Lake Erie. It's kinda like the ocean, right? Well, if you squint really hard, ignore the toxic water and minor details like say, seeing the Canadian shoreline in the distance. We're Americans, we can ignore Canada, right?

Anyway, will return with a new energy for blogging, writing, and keeping my nose clean... hopefully. Oh yeah, and a contest for my blogiversary.

Just a few announcements:

- Mystery Stole 3 sign-ups are going on until July 6. Clues start June 29. I know there's absolutely zero chance of me keeping up with the group, but it's fun to play along. Last year the finished stoles were amazing and I imagine this year's design will be equally inspiring. If you're a lace knitter, you should give it a try. (FYI, link above is to the very, very talented designer. You have to sign-up through Yahoo Groups.)

- Ravelry really is all that and a bag of chips. I received my invite last weekend and have only had about an hour to play so far, but it's going to be a really great tool. If you're in the queue, do get started getting all your Flickr photos whipped into shape. I haven't been keeping up with the uploading and it's going to be time-consuming now to catch up. I'll post more once I have time to play.

Off to slather on the SPF 60+ and think about nothing more serious than the latest issue of Cosmo and what flavor ice cream I want to eat for dinner! Margaritas for everyone!

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