05 February 2007


Two not very nice things happened this morning.

1. On my twenty minute hike to the office across the snowy, windy terrain of campus, my latte dribbled down the side of my coffee cup… and froze.

Seriously… ice crystals in the latte. Not nice.

2. In the middle of that twenty minute hike, I honestly had to stop walking and plant both my feet so the wind whipping around the buildings wouldn’t toss me on my tush. Now, I’m not a dainty little flower to be tossed about at the slightest gale. This was major wind.

Seriously… doing battle with the wind. Not nice.

I’m sure there’s some badge of honor to be earned by battling the elements when the elements are 15 below zero, but honestly, I could live without it. These are the days where the true Buffalonians show their colors with pride and the rest of us, well, we whimper and think about balmy days a wee bit south.

Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming too much of a local when I actually get the Yarn Harlot’s jokes about the differences between “warm” snow and “cold” snow.

I get really worried when I nod my head in agreement and think about telling her all the gory details of how the “cold” snow freezes into three foot drifts that you can walk on since they’re solid. Sure, “warm” snow may be prettier for posing knitwear, but “cold” snow is so solid you don’t have to worry about stepping into it and having it come over the top of your boots and making your feet wet.

Or maybe it’s just that my feet are so cold they can’t tell if they’re wet or dry…

Anyway, my ears do know that these store-bought hats aren’t cutting it so I’m on a knitting mission… to find the perfect hat… or hats, because really, just like purses, a Buffalo girl’s gotta have a hat wardrobe.

I’ve got one all ready to put to the test tomorrow. Will mohair matter? Will bulky knitting let in too much air in the space between the stitches? Will the pink be visible enough in case I do break through one of those snow drifts and end up under ice until spring?


Kelli said...

Ewww... your post made me cold just thinking about it! Frozen latte? Yikes. I am sending you warm and happy thoughts.

Lone Knitter said...

Leslie, I hope you're staying warm. I also hope you stocked up on food and yarn. I saw the weather report and cringed for you. Good lord! Some areas of NY have gotten 80 inches of snow. I hope you're well and with heat and wool.

knitseashore said...

There is a point at which I wish the government would just shut down the state so that we could all stay home and not have to make the choice of braving the elements. It can't be good when your fingers freeze so much they feel like they could break off your hands. Definitely not good for knitting. :)

Looking forward to seeing your hat!