10 July 2005

Some Crafting Content

Lest you think that we only shopped while in Missouri, I thought I’d start off with some actual results. Yep, hard to believe it, but I actually finished a project or two. First, I have these two watches to display. In engaging in one of my many bad habits, scouring the clearance aisle at Joann’s, I found these two kits for beading. It was pretty much a done deal at that point… a craft kit for a craft I’d never tried and on sale to boot. All I can say is MUST RESIST BEADING. These were rather simple projects and I’m generally pleased with the results. I think they’re both a little bit too loose and I wish the beading was a little tighter on the wires, but not bad for a first attempt. I ended up with extra wire and beads so I’m sure I’ll have to pick up some clasps eventually to make some matching bracelets or something.

I needed a simple knitting project for the plane and the only thing I had on wooden needles was my Irish Hiking Scarf. I’d started this last fall on our way to North Carolina for the Science and Lit conference and tossed it into a basket shortly thereafter. It was a simple project for the most part, but I did make a few mistakes here and there since I wasn’t always paying strict attention to what row I was on. I think the yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, but I’m not sure since I’ve lost the bands long ago. I’m pretty sure the scarf took 2 ½ skeins, but again, didn’t keep track. I’m pretty pleased with this one and have since started wrist warmers and a hat to match. I’ll give all the pattern details when I finish the set.

Since I was almost finished with the cable scarf, I needed a change of pace for the place ride back and I wanted to make something as a thank you for Enabler Marcy. I’d been wanting to try Branching Out from the Spring issue of Knitty so I found some Bernat Cotton Tot yarn and gave it a try. I didn’t use the entire skein since the scarf seemed long enough although I think in the future I’d make mine a little longer. I just prefer longer scarves to wrap around several times. The pattern wasn’t too hard although there are mistakes along the way. I enjoyed using the yarn and it didn’t make my hands hurt on the bamboo needles. (I’ve had problems with cotton yarn on metal needles.) I’d definitely use this yarn again although I’m not sure how well it will hold up for an adult sweater. Overall, good project and very fast (I did almost all of this scarf on the return trip to Buffalo).

Project: Branching Out from Knitty.com
Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots in Little Boy Blue; almost one full skein
Needles: Size 8 bamboo dpns
Started: 4 July 2005 Finished 6 July 2005
Recipient: Marcy Hamilton, the Quilt Camp Diva/Fabric Stash Enabler

Now, before anyone gives me a hard time, let me show you how I spent the bulk of my weekend.

Yes, folks, that would be the handy dandy notebook (laptop) from college graduation. In other words, it's really old. Despite the gorgeous Buffalo weather, my hiney, coffee cup and books spent the days on the back deck listening to the classy neighbors beat their annoying kids while I pounded away on the diss. The good times just don't die.

Points for anyone who can identify my makeshift outdoor desk.

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mom said...

I know! I know! teacher, teacher, I know what the desk is...i won't tell and spoil the surprise for others. Go ahead and write about the juicy little tidbits of your life, your mother won't mind...you know all the excitement of my life, the testicle festival, an evening of dining and theater at arrowrock, and this week supper at willy's and the cotton patch gospel at the local UCC. Can't wait for August for the county fair tough truck contest.
love ya